Excerpt from Patricia Sun's new book available later this year.

"My theory is that humans have evolved to a unique readiness to see enough of what is good; and enough of what is able to be achieved, with courage and earnestness: to manifest a collective quantum leap in consciousness. I believe we are now at a rather narrow window—of huge opportunity. The Age of Realization.

Humanity has an expansively unique possibility it could choose. It is in our power and conscious ability to choose the next step of development by healing ourselves, which is done by empowering our honesty. And we need to help each other by giving each other a break. We need to give our selves a break too.

There is a good reason why Jesus said, 'Judge not lest ye be judged.' Not being judgmental gives our minds and even our bodies, a chance to shift out of polarized, immature thinking. A chance to forgive others and ourselves so we can all face mistakes––as the wonderful insights for change that they are. We need to know too that there is a big difference between making a judgment and being judgmental.

We will and must make observations/judgments like, the fruit is ripe or rotten, but judgmental is a stagnant, unmoving boxing of thought that criticizes with bad feeling. It is an energetic put down to feel superior. It is not a helpful critique, or just knowledge.

It is a sign of maturity when you can communicate information about corrections, and it is sent and received with goodwill. When people are judgmental and must self righteously or condescendingly blame others, they reveal their internal intolerance to their own faults or shadow. This in turn creates self-hatred or at least, low self-esteem that drives them to cover their fear with arrogance, domination and intolerance of others. This is the root of our dysfunction.

Box thinking is a comfortable narrow-minded either/or, mental trap that makes us ‘right’ but also creates the feeling of distaste, fear or hate of the other, which is ‘wrong’. This both harms us and creates humiliation: a poison to human dignity that screams for defense at all cost. The cost is high. It is a trap that requires more and more blindness—and desperately the fruit becomes simplistically, all rotten or all ripe—because of the fear of seeing that you may be the one that is "wrong". It is why denial and ignorance seem the only defense.

Further, it is why such brilliant beautiful beings that humans beings are—use their magnificent brains to keep themselves ignorant, drugged, fighting, escapist, greedy, persecuting, or decadent. It is why great civilizations reach a certain point —that of facing themselves— and if they don't face and self-correct themselves––they decay and fall. Decadence and self-delusion always proceeds a fall. Matching energy keeps it running as we escalate our projection and denial into more and more escapist destruction, decadence, persecution and war.

A culture of denial is the prerequisite of injustice and war; it is a thinking problem more than political. War is merely a failure of maturity.

War is a failure of human intelligence."

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