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MEDITATION CDs —All media Copyright Patricia Sun,1972–2006

1.All Sounds and Meditation Tape. 1 tape. $10

11.Patricia's Sounds—Saqquara, Egypt. (3/82) Made in the ancient Egyptian Temple of Saqquara. 1 tape. $10

12.Well-being Meditation Tape. Created to heal the locked stress and emotional energy in the body. A total affirmation of self, this tape includes Patricia's sounds and mind/body relationship meditation.1 tape. $15


20.Women and Relationships (4/10/83) All-women workshop. Women & their bodies, power, sexuality & relationship with men. 2 tapes. $20

23.Homer, Alaska (4/29/84) Profound experience of the radiant healing place from which we can be empowered. Discusses Jesus' message, gives guidance on loving ourselves and others. 3 tapes. $25

25.Money Workshop (11/3/83) A workshop dedicated to money and why it is such a big issue

86. “Enlightenment Comes From Authenticity”6/14/06 at The Inside Edge

Track 3— “The power of intention is very important. That’s why my subject today – enlightenment – comes from authenticity. You really can't be there without it. If we're not honest, if we're not real, if we're not authentic, we can't find that true happiness we long for, that true excitement at being alive, the true intimacy with people we care about, and the genuine capacity to care for other people who we don't know—or maybe that we know about and don't like.”

Track 8— “The point of life, that really causes us to live well, is to be able to see, to feel, to perceive, and to love. And to be able to tell the truth, with kindness.”

Track 10—“The time is now, where we consider living the kindness, the innocence, the authenticity, the earnestness, that allows the numinous to grow within us.” Audio Cassette version (one tape) $15 plus $2 shipping (plus $1.10 tax for CA orders)
CD version (one disc) $20 plus $2 shipping (plus $1.50 tax for CA orders)

Audio Cassette version (one tape) $15 plus $2 shipping (plus $1.10 tax for CA orders) in our lives. 2 tapes. $20

26.Childbirth Workshop (11/84) How to make childbirth an empowering & healthy experience for everybody concerned. 2 tapes. $20

27.Overweight Workshop I (9/13/84) "Excess weight is the depression of personal power, a fear of surrendering to one's power and clarity." Workshop and guided meditation. 2 tapes. $20 Special Combination: 27 & 28 together: $35

28.Overweight Workshop II (4/15/85) Intended to continue the work that was begun in the first Overweight Workshop. 2 tapes. $20

31.Education, Parents & Teenagers (5/7/85) 2 tapes, $20

32.Women, Power, Body & Spirit (3/21/85) 2 tapes. $20

35.The Wisdom of our Bodies (4/11/86) A vibrant workshop on healing, taped at Stanford School of Medicine. 2 tapes. $15

36.Astrology Workshop (2/11/86) 2 tapes. $20

42.Compulsive Behavior: Understanding Drugs, Money and Overweight (5/7/87) $20

Illuminating discussion of the power of self-expression and recognizing the fears behind compulsive behavior. 2 tapes. $20

43.Communication and Love (8/18/87) A powerful workshop on unlearning our scripts, forgiveness of oneself, jealousy and infidelity, and the power of authenticity, risking, and earnestness in all types of relationships. 2 tapes. $20

44.Releasing the Old Way of Thinking (6/26/87) Includes: letting go of controlling, "matching energy", the power in acknowledging anger, "prosperity consciousness", overweight, learning to say 'no' with love, and loving yourself. 2 tapes. $20

46.The Power of Patience and Trusting Your Feelings (12/22/87) This tape explores how we are programmed to believe we don't know, and learning to tune in to yourself tapes.$20

48.Relationships and Authenticity (6/19/88) The power of shifting from. old patterns and automatic pilot to being real in relationships. Includes: sexuality, parents and children, and physical illness. (Conclusion of a weekend workshop at Rowe, MA) 3 tapes. $25

49.Knowing & Expressing the Self (7/28/88) A tape for leaping to the bigger picture, and knowing how to be centered and trusting of ourselves from this expanded overview. 2tapes. $20

50.Beyond Control to Whole (11/30/88) A powerful introduction to Patricia, with emphasis on letting go of trying to make it happen the way we want it to, and accepting the power of being alive. 2 tapes. $20

54.Choosing to Join With Creation (5/31/89) How to become more connected to the Tao, enjoying nature, feeling our bodies. Explores how suffering is related to a misperception of reality. 2 tapes. $20

55.World Balance: Healing the World Through Healing Ourselves 1 tape. $10

56.Open to Transformation (8/23/89) We can be open to transforming ourselves and the world with clarity and love. 2 tapes. $20

58.Passion and Change (3/8/90) "Passion is purely and simply being who you are and following your nature in the nature of the universe. Let your body resonate like a prayer and respond to that level of awareness in all you do." 2 tapes. $20

59.A "Best of Patricia" Tape (3/14/90) Experience Patricia's philosophy of wholeness, in an energy of extraordinary warmth. A perfect introduction to Patricia. 2 tapes. $20

60.Understanding Men and Women (4/21/90) A clear presentation of Patricia's theories on men and women. This workshop provides profound tools for creating intimacy and deep connection. 2 tapes. $20

61.Nurturing and Healing Yourself (9/90) "It's a holy thing to transform fear. To do this for yourself is to be a light in the world." 2 tapes. $20

62.The Way of Friendship (12/21/90) "Be yourself, walk in your own integrity and wish yourself and others well. The power of real friendship is grounding." 2 tapes. $20

64.Authenticity & The Evolutionary Leap (Embodying Spirit Conf. 1/93) An up-to-date,powerful & clear presentation of Patricia's vision of our untapped abilities and how we can use them to heal ourselves and the people around us. 2 tapes. $20

65.Healing Abuse: Sexual, Emotional, Physical (9/22/93) Why abuse happens; how to heal the pain & create relationships. 2 tapes. $20

66.The Next Level of Being (8/25/94) New-style thinking rejoices in the delight of growth, & living in endless discovery. 2 tapes. $20

67.Growing to the Next Level (12/21/94) Profound truth about what we're doing, what heals us & brings us to the next level. 2 tapes. $20

68.Embracing Change (7/14/95) "Some of the things started 20 years ago are really coming to fruition now. This is the turning point." 1 tape. $15

69.Awakening the Heart (8/93) "Let yourself be in the innocence of connection. It is in living the connection that we bring the descent of Spirit into matter." 1 tape. $15

70.The Call to Wholeness (12/31/94) "When things are a mess, maybe something wonderful can be created out of it that we wouldn't have seen if the mess weren't there." 2 tapes. $20

71.Quantum Connection (12/21/95) "Change Through Connection is the hallmark of the next century. All institutions will get more real. Allow yourself to move, holding a paradox (the either/or) and look for the good in all situations." 2 tapes. $20

72. The Power of Relationship (11/23/97) "Through relationship, we find the most powerful means of becoming conscious... All life is about, is change and connection and growth, and becoming more than what we were. Another name for that is love." 1 tape. $15

73. Relationships and the Millennium (12/20/97) "Enlightened relationships are the substance of a sane culture. The power to create it is ours... As we observe deeply how we run our thoughts, our energy, our bodies, our choices, and what we say & how respond, we become very powerful creators of transcendence & enlightenment." 2 tapes.$20

74. “The Truth That Heals” (Austin 9/19/98)
“Our job is to heal woundedness. Everybody is on the verge of a breakthrough. Maintain a center of goodwill as you figure things out.” $15

75. “Time to Be Real” (Portland 12/6/98)
“Every interaction and every thought exchanged that's authentic, is bonding. This is our birthright — all of us. We CAN be real.” The essence of Patricia's philosophy of how men/women relationships transform the human race. $15

76. “Forgiveness in a New Light” (Berkeley 12/17/98)
“The key to momentous change is forgiveness in a new light.”Patricia's traditional Winter Solstice Workshop: “Support and information about what’s coming and what we’re going to have to deal with.” $20

77. Challenge 2000-Change (Winter Solstice 1999) Patricia looks ahead: "We are pioneering. We have SO much power. All our problems are immensely solvable, and it's easier, softer and simpler than you can imagine." $20

78. The End of Fear (Winter Solstice 2000) "If we bring love into a situation, we heal fear. This is claiming our own humanity and our great capacity for change and growth." $20

79. Love & the Evolutionary Leap (1/17/01) "Love is a magnificent thing. It transcends time and space. You can send it from your bed at night when you fall asleep. You can send it when you see something outrageous on television, or when you see injustice and unconsciousness happening anywhere. If you send goodwill and love to the souls of the people being crazy, you will be doing the greatest service to empower the evolutionary leap. We are NOT powerless. The evolutionary leap is the capacity to claim and feel and live and see that power - and to use it. By using it, you manifest it into the world." $15

80. Revelation Now (Winter Solstice 2001) "The greatest hindrance to our brilliant evolution, in our lifetimes, is our inability to forgive. This is the transition time, and the revelation is that if you are alive now, you have the power to make this transition. Everything around you is conducive to supporting you, except our conditioning and our fear. The revelation is to see all things with new eyes, and to allow it to unfold." $20

81. Healing Our Future (12/21/02) "The single biggest challenge we have as a species this next year is to not be defensive as we discover how much we don't know." $20

82. Communication and Strength (12/20/03) "The big challenge this next year, for the whole world, is going to be how to communicate about difficult things in a way that rejoices around the truth, without 'nailing' people, so change can be healthy." $20

Winter Solstice Workshop, December 21, 2004
"By being conscious, sentient beings, and healing our own shadow we all can play a powerful part in transforming the shadow of the world into light. Any individual who can turn the light on, in themselves—even if it's just for ten minutes—is a support to the world. The challenge is greater than ever to be real and face what we are doing—to authentically care and self-correct. Though it looks bad, we are entering a breakthrough of global proportions." 2 tapes $20

84. "Authenticity as Enlightenment"
Winter Solstice Workshop, December 20, 2005
"The Truth is the authenticity and genuineness that flows through you. It is freedom. You feel it, and you allow yourself to see it in other people. The only way to gain the power to do that is to forgive. By allowing forgiveness, you gain deep understanding of what you see that is "off." This is love in action—another reason why Love is the greatest force in the universe." 2 tapes $20