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Sun Series Webinars

"You have released an anxiety and fear that was with me all my life." - Buckminster Fuller

Given this is a very powerful turning-point year, I have decided to do a five-part "Sun Series" webinar one each month on the many ways we can heal and transform ourselves. You know it is my heart's desire that we all be so blessed.

The first session was on Tuesday, June 12th. The next four sessions will be held:

  • July 24th (Wednesday) at 1 pm PDT
  • Aug 18th (Saturday) at 1 pm PDT
  • Sep 12th (Wednesday) 1 pm PDT
  • Oct 10th (Wednesday) 1 pm PDT
During these webinars we will cover:
  • Understanding what power is and its many inspirational dimensions.
  • We need each other, as social beings: the pluses and minuses.
  • There are ways we are dysfunctionally conditioned by society.
  • How we embed these conditions into our body and create defenses.
  • Wonderful and easy ways to undo these defense patterns.
  • Learn and be inspired by how we can live authentically.
  • Be receptive to others and yet think for ourselves.

While each session will build upon the previous, they will be designed to stand alone. You are welcome to sign up for all, or whichever one you feel called to.

There will be moments of healing, teaching, and open discussion.

I hope you will join us and please invite others you think would love this kind of support to check it out. Please click the button to register for the webinar.

Webinar Information:

"Healing wounds and claiming truth is the crux of the matter for everybody, whether they realize it or not." - Patricia Sun

Each session will be $40.

You can sign up for all five for a discounted rate of $175 (a $25 discount).

In addition, since our goal is to be as supportive to as many people as possible, and to reach new people who would be genuinely interested, we are setting up a "bring new people" discount.

For each person you invite that signs up, you will receive an additional $20 discount.

Stay tuned for more information in the coming days and mark your calendar for September 12th!


Winter Solstice 2012

"Light of God Within All"

Learn to heal, transform and experience the power of Godís shining light in 2012
"Awaken your heart --when love appears, fear disappears––claim it." - Patricia Sun
Monday, Dec 17,2012
Arlington Community Church
7:30 -10:00 pm
$45-- per person


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"The Truth is the authenticity and genuineness that flows through you.

It is freedom. You feel it, and you allow yourself to see it in other people.

The only way to gain the power to do that—is to forgive.

By allowing forgiveness, you gain deep understanding of what you see that is "off".

This is love in action—

Another reason why Love is the greatest force in the universe."


"Patricia Sun is a solar light of consciousness whose wisdom rays cover the world. Everywhere I travel through out the earth, I find people whose lives have been enhanced and transformed by her luminous work." - Jean Houston

There is a vast difference between knowledge and wisdom.

The "extra something" that creates wisdom out of knowledge is inspiration, "the voice of the heart." Inspiration is a high form of intuition, which we need to be whole and to grow. We are all evolving. Human relationships are changing. Authenticity and transformation are ours to choose. Our goal is to actualize our own consciousness by integrating the logical mind and the intuitive mind. As we do, we release unimagined creativity.

This all sounds theoretical, but what Patricia really does is talk and answer questions, but with a level of love and honesty that people find compelling. In this give and take conversation, she envisions, articulates, and demonstrates a new state of consciousness and compassion that models the paradigm shift we all know is happening. Also, at the end of the workshop, she will demonstrate the powerful healing sounds that she has been channeling for 35 years.

Communication expert, scientific mystic and philosopher, Patricia Sun's insights have supported and seeded many in the human potential and spiritual movement over the last 35 years, making her a touchstone of the new consciousness; the "teacher's teacher." She is the founder and director of the Institute of Communication for Understanding (ICU).