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Patricia is a worldwide speaker, an author, a groundbreaker in the self-awareness movement, a communications expert, and a pioneer in the union of left- and right-brain thinking which she calls whole-brain thinking and new-style thinking. She communicates in a verbal/ intuitive style that uses the spoken word to teach insights that can only be felt in this way. She is a noted pioneer for her work in explaining the thinking style differences between left- and right-brain thinking and the creative power of whole-brain thinking.

Patricia's explains a new philosophy on life--at once both powerfully spiritual and practical. Listeners will discover deep insights into the nature of left and right hemispheres of the brain--how it works and how it might work--with the joining of the linear and intuitive thinking styles. This reveals how we will be empowered creatively to new discoveries of how to heal ourselves and each other both physically and mentally.

This philosophy transcends and is useful to individuals as well as Nations. Because human judgmental, linear-thinking, is taken to so many extremes, it is the major cause of most of our worlds problems. By blocking our intuitive minds interaction with the linear-mind, there results a form of blindness and profound creative loss, which prevents us from our true potential.

Ms. Sun can use her great communication skills to help guests and listeners discuss problems and solutions.

Patricia Sun was born in Jersey City, New Jersey in 1941. Patricia Sun was the first woman evening news anchor delivering a bi-lingual broadcast for XHG TV Channel 4 from 1961-63 in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Patricia Sun graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of California at Berkeley with two degrees in Sociology/Psychology and Conservation & Natural Resources concurrently within three and half years.

In 1969 Patricia joined the Institute of Personality Assessment and Research at UC Berkeley IPAR that was founded in 1949 under Director Donald W. MacKinnon who had worked for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) personnel assessment centers that were established during World War II.

In the mid-70s, as the vanguard of the human potential movement, Patricia began lecturing on her innovative and creative philosophy, which she taught by problem solving many subjects by speaking all over the world to over a 1/3 of a million people. Patricia's message was delivered to the then Soviet Union helping bring realization on global consciencesness. Patricia has continued to lecture her original ideas around the world through the 80s, 90s, and the aughts and have been used by many in the human potential movement.

In 2002 Patricia was a delegate and panel speaker at the Global Peace Initiative Conference in Geneva at the United Nations where the goal of the initiative was to build a strong global network of women leaders committed to mobilizing their resources and expertise to develop specific peace-building activities in regions of conflict. During a roundtable discussion on "Healing and Reconciliation," Patricia conducted a private mediation between one of the invited speakers from Palestine, and a delegate from Israel. This mediation was a healing opportunity for participants to experience the rare personal expansion of hope. Patricia's philosophy and personal support created a deeply safe setting where they could discuss ways to undo the mindset and locked-thinking styles which perpetuate the conflict between their peoples.

Patricia has been featured on many shows from the Phil Donahue show to Sirius Satellite Radio. While at Wisdom Radio--now, Patricia was the number one call-in talk show.

Patricia Sun currently resides in Berkeley, CA.